Zero Tolerance Knives Review

Zero Tolerance Knives Review – Zero Tolerance abbreviated as “ZT” is one of the most popular knife manufacturer in the market today. It’s a series of knives from Kershaw brand which concentrate on producing high-quality professional grade knives to survive the extreme conditions.

Zero Tolerance

These are high-quality, tough, assisted opening mechanism, overbuilt locks and other cool stuffs that a tactical knife enthusiast prefer.

History of Brand, Who Use This Knives & Features

The company was officially established in the year 2006, but it’s a sub part of main Kershaw knife brand. You may follow the zero tolerance knives wiki page for complete information regarding this brand. However, you can read the short description of history in this article itself. Keep reading till the end to discover more zero tolerance knives review facts.

All of the Zero Tolerance Knives are made in USA and not outsourced to overseas destinations unlike other brands. These are well suited for people involved in emergency personnel, military, law enforcement and tactical knife collectors. It also ideal to do various camping tasks such as hunting, skinning, building shelter and for survival techniques.

Their knives can be also used as a ordinary Every-Day-Carry (EDC) knife. Zero tolerance knives review is a great place to start if you’re looking for a tough knife that can do almost anything effortlessly which you can’t do with a normal one. ZT brand is well-known for it’s assisted opening tactical knives series.

When It Was Launched & Is It Trust-able Brand?

ZT is fairly a new brand that was officially created in the year 2006, but made a huge impression in the market straightaway. It’s also a popular knives series from Kershaw brand (Considered As One of The Best Knife Brand). They also started a partnership with Ken Onion to come up with some mind-blowing designs that are tough and stylish.


However, since Ken now moved to CRKT, ZT has started to design custom stuffs a lot than it use to do in the past. Check-out the below zero tolerance knives review for more interesting facts.

Recently they have done quite a few knife collaboration with knife industry legends such as Hinderer knives. ZT knives are well-known for it’s signature style steel and thick frame lock design. You might be able to read the zero tolerance knives 0350 review while browsing through this site. ZT is definitely a brand to watch out for if you’re die-heart tactical knife enthusiast, collector or professional.

ZT Additional Partnership Facts

Zero Tolerance pocket knife brand recently became a product partner of Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA). It donates the portion of profit every knife makes to the PVA community. This is really a super cool fact to know in this zero tolerance knives review. Buying a ZT knife will not only reward you, but also those PVA cause. You’ll automatically help them if you simply buy any knife from them such as zt301 review model.

Below you can see the zero tolerance knives review comparison chart. Remember that there not so many ZT knives out there, if you can’t decide one after browsing this site, choose one of the knife from this complete list. This will help you to pick a ideal ZT knife that suits your requirements.

Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 Handle Folding Tiger Striped Blade
Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe
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