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Hi, everyone and a warm welcome to our schrade knives review article. Schrade is one of the very famous and highly recommended pocket knife brand in the market today. It has over 100 years of experience in this knife field. However, you might have not heard the name of this company, but still came across a lot of their products and never realized it was their one.


The main reason for this is that there is a possibility of being over-shadowed by other popular brands such as Buck, Benchmade, SOG, Spyderco and so on.

Schrade Knives Review – Reasons Why Should You Consider Buying a Knife From This Brand

People might often forget to notice such as extraordinary brand like this to the main spotlight. We believe it’s a worth schrade knives review to be mentioned in our site. They have produced some of the most common folding pocket knives in America. Most of the schrade knives are made with tremendous quality and patience to make you 100% satisfied.

Once upon a time most of the people tend to prefer this schrade knife over other models. Unfortunately, the company changed hands different times since it’s establishment. Now the brand is well established and has good reputation in the market today. Keep reading till the end to find-out more details about schrade knives analysis.

Schrade company began in 1904 under the name of “Schrade Cutlery Company”. The company was found in Walden, New York. The brand started to expand their operation little by little into a top-notch knife manufacturing brand. It design full-range of high-quality folding pocket knives.

Albert M. Baer bought the Ulster Knife Company in 1941, to merge with Imperial Knife Company and create Imperial Knife Associated Companies. Schrade Cutlery was sold to Imperial Knife Associated Companies in the year 1946. This end up in the company name renamed to “Schrade-Walden Cutlery Co. Inc“. In 1983, Albert M. Baer again changed the name to “Imperial Schrade” to prevent a a hostile takeover.


Now all the rights and intellectual property of the company is owned by Taylor Brands LLC. This is a brief history on how the ownership changed in the past years. This might be one of the reason why it didn’t get massive success because consistency of ownership was missing. Fortunately, now there are no changes to this and running steadily.

Now people turn back to read the schrade knives review on internet. This shows how it has improved significantly after the ownership transferred to Taylor Brands LLC.

Schrade brand focused on maintaining their old standards according to the new trend even after the takeover by Taylor Brands. Now their quality, performance and design is improve significantly and people are getting interested again to read the schrade pocket knives review.

This is a good news for their company. Now they’re highly focused on integrating modern technology, locking mechanism and safety features to all of their schrade knives analysis products. They have emerged the experience gained from the past for bright future.

Schrade brand is well-known for designing a wide range of pocket knives especially fixed, folding, fishing and hunting knives. The most popular model every produced by them is called as “Old Timer“. Not only quality is better now, but the prices are also reduced to make you happy.

In our opinion, it’s still a worth model in which you can investment safely. It’s also a highly recommended model to send as a gift to someone. These are some of the basic information that you should know about schrade hunting knives review.

Feel free to discuss the schrade knives review comparison table provided below for easy decision-making. Most of these are affordable at affordable prices. Make sure to go through these thoroughly.

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife
Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Full Tang Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife
Schrade Viper 3, OTF, Black Handle, Black Blade, Plain
Schrade SCHF3N Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife
Schrade IMP16S Imperial Stainless Steel 3 Blade Pocket Knife
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