Ontario Knives Review

We warmly welcome you to Ontario Knives Review article. You’ll be able to find-out more details about ontario knives company after reading the article. Ontario Knives company is one of the very famous manufacturer that produce different types of knives ranging from kitchen to survival blades.


They’re also well-known for tactical fixed blades, folding knives and every day carry knives. The most popular ontario knives review series from them is called as “RAT” series and also ontario knives ranger series. In addition to knives, they also involved in manufacturing machetes, gun tools, axes and strap cutters which increase the brand reputation significantly. Keep reading below for more details on ontario knives review.

How The Name Was Derived?

The company name as derived from Ontario County in which Nepal was situated. The three man behind the creation of ontario brand is Charles Albert Brace, William B. Ensworth and William Maudsley. The company get growing from the time it was launched. The company was incorporated on August 12, 1902 and retained it’s company name which is “Ontario Knife Company“.

In 1904,  Empire State Cutlery Company bought the true interest of Ontario Knife Company stockholders. Both operations were combined in 1905, in Franklinville. This lead to merge of both companies together. All of the ontario knives for sale comes from Franklinville production center.

Let’s Know More About The Ontario Designers

The popular designers worked with ontario knife brand include some of the industry legends such as Joe Pardue, Dan Maragni, Paul Scheiter and Benjamin Bryant. They have been responsible for designing a wide range of knife design over the few years. Their unique craftsmanship helped the Ontario brand very much.


Each and every person on this list has their own set of qualification, experience and skills in different knife aspects. They can be considered as the pillers of ontario company.

A Short Info on Their Warranty

Now let’s talk a bit more about ontario knives warranty. It’s one of the very few brand with over 125 years of experience in this field. All of their knives are manufactured in US and backed by a limited lifetime warranty guarantee. They promise to freely do repair or replace if any knife made in U.S.A products fail due to faulty materials or workmanship.

The materials of OKC International are backed by a one year limited warranty. However, remember warranties exclude subjects such as misuse, abuse or neglect.

Are You Struggling To Pick a Ideal Ontario Knife?

You can check-out the ontario knives review below to compare and buy the best ontario knife out there in the market. Use the interactive comparison chart provided below for easy decision-making.

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