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Old Timer Knives: All of the schrade old timer pocket knives are designed with high respect for tradition and quality. These are very popular classic pocket knife series for over a decade. It’s definitely worth reading this old timer knives review.

old timer knives

We have put together a comprehensive old timer knives comparison guide for easy decision-making. You can click on any column to sort information based on your requirement. This chart represent all the popular schrade old timer pocket knives available in the market today.

It has a distinctive appearance, timeless in style, durable enough to even used by your grandchild. Things cannot better than owning a schrade old timer pocket knife. These normally comes in a wide range of Styles, Sizes, Designs and Features.


The Promises of Schrade Classic Knives To The Users

Most of the old timer pocket knife are designed with highest quality mechanisms. The stainless steel featured in the blade is a traditional cutlery steel. The materials used in the handles are Staglon or Delrin, which are both durable, shockproof and unbreakable material.

Most of the old timer knife models made in usa has handles which are riveted to the liners that are made out of solid brass. Old timer pocket knife is a all time classic knife with a history that goes backwards almost 110 years.

Scharde old timer knives are designed with best craftmanship and materials for almost 100 years. They never compromise on quality whatsoever. Most of the Americans use these knives because of the factors that they’re reliable, durable and valuable.

A Short History of Old Timer Knives : Taking Back To The Past


Old timer pocket knives were originally produced by The Imperial Schrade Corporation which closed it’s doors on July 30, 2004. There are no original schrade knives produced after 100 years of manufacturing classic old timer knives. Fortunately, Taylor Brands LLC bought the rights of old timer knives worth and started to produce them again.

The original patterns were used to keep the classic look. Most of the current old timer knives for sale are made in China, but the quality is same as before and available at affordable prices.

The new classic old timer pocket knives consist of lock blade knives, pocket knives and fixed blade hunter knives. These are usually built with nickel silver bolsters, brass liners and stainless steel blades. You can check the old timer knives wiki as-well.

Reviews of Some of The Popular Old Timer Knives

Schrade 152OT Old Timer Sharpfinder


Schrade Sharpfinder also known as “Schrade 152OT” has been manufacturing for over 40 years. The Full Tang construction with a very distinctive blade makes it classically designed knife. The up swept blade provide knife more cutting surface. The blade has a good shape to tackle tasks such as caping and skinning.

The saw cut Delrin handle is rivited to the tang for durability and efficiency. It has the unique old timer pocket knife design which is identical to the old version. You might also get a full-grain leather sheath. The warranty is limited lifetime and it’s a old timer knives made in USA.

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Schrade 7OT Old Timer Cave Bear

Schrade 7OT Old Timer Cave Bear

Schrade 7OT is one of the classic old timer pocket knife series from Taylor Brands LLC. The single-blade lock-back design with leather sheath make it a perfect selection for classic knife enthusiast. It’s tough-to-beat classic design is almost unmatchable by new production of knives. 7OT model measures 5 inches when closed.

It weight 8 ounces and made in China, but quality is never a concern. You’ll feel like owning the same old timer knife 100 years ago. This knife is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty as-well. It’s simply the go-to-choice if you want something classic, but in pure quality.

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Schrade 8OT Old Timer Senior Pocket Knife


Schrade 8OT is a senior pocket knife series which feature the same old classic old timer design. The 400 Series Stainless steel and durable Delrin handle add a touch of perfection to the overall beauty of the knife. The blade measures 3.0 inches and the handle measures 3.9 inches.

It weight about 2.8 ounces that is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s the ideal granddaddy’s choice! back in the past. It’s the ideal and reliable old timer knives for every day use.

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Schrade is a company that always look to produce the high-quality and best pocket knives which end up in purchasing the rights of closed old timer knives brand. They put up a fine craftsmanship in each and every knife designed by them.

Nowadays, Schrade knives are designed by the Taylor Brands, LLC, maintaining the same requirement and quality it offered previously. These are also one of the highly collectible knives available in the market today. You won’t feel disappointing if you buy old timer knives for sure.

If you’re not interested in classic knives, then you can click the button below to browse the modern knives available in the market today. There are a lot of options from which you can choose from.

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