Leatherman Knives Review

Hi, Everyone and a warm welcome to the leatherman knives review article. Leatherman is one of the most popular multi-tool and pocket knife brand in the market today. It’s well-known for designing high-quality, innovative and out of the box knifes that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.


They design a vast range of leatherman knives in different shapes and sizes. The multi function tools can be used for shotgun shooting, bow hunting, snowboarding and skateboarding. You can’t get wrong with all of their start of the art features. Keep reading below to find-out more information regarding leatherman knives review.

Leatherman is a Oregon based company that has excellent pioneering spirit. Leatherman Tool Group put unique craftsmanship in each and every single product to make you 100% satisfied. The quality is never compromised to design low-budget tools. All of their products are original America made and not outsourced to overseas destination unlike other brands.

Leatherman Knives Review – Let’s Talk a Bit About The Founder & His Objectives

Tim Leatherman, the owner of this brand is a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. His ideas lead to create the most advanced types of multi-purpose tools in the market. The company was established in the year 1983. He jointed partnership venture with Mr. Steve to officially launch the Leatherman Tool Group successfully.

leatherman knives review

They followed the fundamental quality standards and improved it day by day to a new level of quality. The first product launched was a Pocket Survival Tool (PST) which become a massive hit in the mid-80’s. They provided expectational value for the customers. The story goes on up-to-date this brand is still operating successfully. This is a short leatherman knives review of brand.

After so many years from the launch they recently started to design leatherman pocket knife as-well. Though well-known for producing only multi purpose tool, but also shifted to focus to pocket knife.

Although the Tim is now retired from official duties, but still the brand is up and running by a successful unknown management. You can expect the same craftmanship, quality and style in a current leatherman knife as-well.

Summary of The Article

These are some of the main information regarding leatherman knife analysis that you should know. It includes everything from the brand history, about the owner, facts of their first, latest inventions and the future releases. It’s a brand with a lot of expectations when it comes to a pocket knife.

The reviews and ratings received on Amazon for leatherman pocket knives are a visible proof that it’s just a extraordinary manufacturer. It’s like once in a lifetime offer to own one of the leatherman knife proudly with you. It has all the features you expect in a single knife at a affordable price.

You can check-out the below leatherman folding knives reviews comparison table for more information. You can either read the review of specific model or directly buy it on Amazon. The choice is yours!

Leatherman Crater c33Tx Combo Straight/Serrated Blade Knife
Leatherman - Crater® C33T, Stainless Steel
Leatherman - Wingman® Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel
Leatherman - Sidekick® Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath
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