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Pocket knife has become one of the important tool to carry around in our day-to-day life. This comes handy in situations where you may have to open a letter, open a box, quick weapon to scare of an enemy, start a fire, cut a rope or any other outdoor activities. This is considered as one of the most convenient tool to carry around with you.


Today, pocket knives are available in a wide variety of Designs, StylesSizes and Colors from which you can choose from. However, selecting just the one from so many options can be a overwhelming and frustrating task indeed. It’s very important to realize that you buy the right knife for specific requirement and not a cheap imitation.

You should know a lot of different information before buying a knife especially if you’re new to this market. This is one of the main reason why we have put up this Buyer’s Guide Page for you. You should be able to learn some of the important things about the pocket knives in this article.

We at (The Best Pocket Knife Reviews) understand a buyer need to be given proper advices to make the right decision. Our team of experts have gone through each and every single aspect step-by-step to clearly explain all details you should know about pocket knife. This will cover main topics such as different knife types, blade materials, handles, maintenance and so on.

Different Types of Pocket Knives – Ultimate Guide

knife buyer guide

Hunting Knives: This is one of the popular type of knives available in the market today. This includes slicing knives, skinning knives, fillet knives for fishing, boning knives and camping knives which fall into the same category. These knives are suitable for various hunting purposes such as skinning, ripping and slicing.

Buck and Jungle Master brands are well-known for designing high-quality hunting knives at affordable prices while offering difficult-to-beat features. However, selecting the appropriate one depends on your hunting requirements. This is categorized under fixed-blade knives as-well

Tactical Knives: This can be either fixed or folding knives. Many tactical folding knives has secure locking mechanism. These are commonly used in fighting/combat situations. These are often considered as the “Bayonet or Fighting Knife” which can be used for emergency and self-defense purposes. These are also used frequently for Survival-Escape-Resistance-Evasion (S.E.R.E) objectives.

You may have to look for partially serrated blade if you want to cut tough materials such as rope. This can be also used to prepare foods in camping as-well.

Bowie Knives: These are very popular fixed-blade knives in the market. They are also considered as “Heavy Workhorse Knives”. This refer to large sheath knife with a clip point. It’s always better to look for a Full-Tang Construction when purchasing a fixed-blade knife. This allow the blade to extend all the way down into the handle of the pocket knife. This will improve the strength significantly and minimize the chance of breaking.

Pocket Knives: This is considered as one of the very popular folding knives category. These are ideal outdoor gear that can tackle Every-Day-Carry (EDC) activities. These are designed to fit inside of your pocket. You can use it in case of emergencies or even in normal situations. The popular one’s include Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife & Kershaw Blur Folding Knife. Most of these knives can be bought at a very affordable price.

Multi-Tool Knives: These comes in a wide variety of tools to choose from. You may have to consider the extras and sizes packed into the knife. The basic tools include in the multi-tools are tweezers, scissors, blades, bottle opener, can opener and corkscrew. Some high-end models consist of tools such as nail clippers, calculator, flashlight, stapler or wire cutters. This fall into folding knives category.


4 Important Factors To Consider When Buying a Knife

Locking Mechanism: It’s very important to consider the locking mechanism that keep the knife from clamping on your hands as the blade is used. Liner locking is one of the popular one’s that feature in many popular pocket knives. This keep the place by locking it into place when the knife is opened. This is securely tightened to the inner frame by screws.

A ring lock is also another popular mechanism which demand user to move a ring around the blade’s base to lock and unlock. You may also notice a lever lock as switch blades pops the blade to close and open. You’ll come across these locking mechanism while buying a knife so buy one that your familiar or comfortable with.

Model and Design: These are 2 crucial aspects that you should consider when buying a knife. Pocket knives are available in different colors, designs and models from which you can choose from. Some of the popular models include Congress, Tamper, Crapper & Barlow.

Remember that the most popular brands are often expensive, but have their own unique design and model construction for better performance. Choose a knife that suits your requirements.

Opening Mechanism & Number of Blades: There are 3 main types of opening mechanism in a pocket knife. These are assisted opening, manual and automatic. Manual one can be normally opened with a nail nick which allow to open the knife with nail. In assisted-opening, the user to put direct pressure to open the blade. It’s ideal for emergencies and hunting. In automatic, all you have to do is to press the button to open the blade.

Most of the pocket knives can be either single-bladed or feature multiple tools. The number of blades you want is depend on what purpose you want the knife to be used.

Size & Warranty: Pocket knives usually comes in different sizes and weight. These both factors are determined by the purpose of knife. You may have to choose a light knife if it is to be used for outdoor activities.

Warranty is one of the major considerations that you should take into account before buying a knife. Some retailers provide it and some doesn’t. This warranty will help to cover the cost of repair in case the knife doesn’t perform as expected or break due to malfunction. Most of the warranties are termed under “Limited” warranty. These range from 5 years to limited lifetime warranty.


Overall, choose a knife that will serve the specific purpose you wanted it to do. Always compare and contrast different models before making a final decision. We hope you found this Buyer’s Guide very useful!

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