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The first thing while going on a hiking or camping is to double check whether you have the ideal fixed blade knives along with your belongings. It doesn’t get any better than having a best fixed blade knife along with you in a outdoor adventure. There has been a huge developments in these types of knives such as ChoppingHeavy-Duty and Batoning over the last few years.

Fixed Blade Knives

Carrying a small fixed blade knife can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as cutting rope, shaving wood, preparing shelter and so on. This can make your life much easier in a unpredictable outdoor situations. Choosing the ideal fixed blade edc is the best companion of you in any type of situation.

In Knives, there are two types which are known as “Fixed-Blade Knife” or “Folding Knife“. In this article we will discuss about the small fixed blade knives which are very special amongst many knife enthusiast and experts. Most of the fixed blade knives for sale are “Full Tang Knives“, which are more durable compared with folding knives. You can simply attach a fixed-blade knife in your pocket or key chain. A small fixed blade knife is better for skinning and cutting tasks as-well.

Why You Need To Carry a Fixed Blade Knives In Outdoor Activity?

Most of the best fixed blade knife feature good handles that provide comfortable grip equipped with finger guard from causing injuries yourself. These usually are “Partially, Fully Serrated or Straight Edge” from which you can choose from. We prefer straight edge fixed blade knives with sheath because it can keep the edge for a long period of time compared with serrated knives.

Sharpening the serrated knife is a bit difficult task than sharpening straight edge blades. However, this depend on your personal requirements. You can also check-out the guide written on EDC “Fixed & Straight Edge” Knives.

Finally, Fixed Blade models have much thicker and longer blade compared with it’s alternative folding one’s. These comes really handy while you’re on a hiking or camping activity. Most of these feature a hard pommel at the base of the handle which can be used as a hammer. This can be useful for bending objects, cracking shells and hammering posts. Sometimes you have to follow the fixed blade knives laws as-well.

Top 5 Recommended Best Fixed Blade Knives In The Market

Only way to discover the best fixed blade knives are to research about them. You’ll have to look at it’s advantages and disadvantages before actually buying a fixed blade edc. We have reviewed some of the best-selling knives which might be the one that you’re looking for. You can make a easy decision using this narrowed down list.

To save your time, our team has handpicked the top 5 fixed blade knives amazon which are reviewed individually below. Go ahead and check-out our personal picks!

1. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife


Ka-Bar is one of the popular fixed blade EDC knife brand. The Becker BK2 is extremely durable and high quality knife. It’s preferred by thousands and thousands of others especially for it’s affordable price. It’s a heavy-duty best fixed blade knife that can handle almost anything from camping, survival, hiking to hunting. This is also considered as the ideal survival knife for outdoor activities.

It has over 1318+ reviews on Amazon, which make it a fixed blade knives amazon clearly and reflect the quality, reliability and performance as-well.

This knife is designed by legendary mountain climber and survivalist named “Ethan Becker“. It’s made from 1095 cro-van steel which is ideal from batoning to simple chopping tasks. Read The History on Becker Knives Here.

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2. Gerber 22-01629 LMF II Black Infantry Knife

Gerber 22-01629 LMF II Black Infantry Knife

Gerber is one of the brand that’s producing high-quality and small fixed blade knives in the market today. Gerber 22-01629 LMF II, comes from Gerber Blades has a partially serrated blade. First this knife was especially designed to United States Air Force, but later made available to the public as-well.

This is a heavy-duty knife that can handle a lot of abuse and stress tasks for it’s reasonable price. This is one of the ideal fixed blade knives made in usa. It can cut through almost anything such as animals caught, wood, rope, box and so on. The sheath comes with it has a integrated sharpener as-well. It doesn’t clip in wet and can absorb shocks. This is one of the versatile small fixed blade knife.

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3. Buck 119BR Special Fixed Blade Knife

Buck 119BR Special Fixed Blade Knife

This is one of the best fixed blade knives available in the market today. Buck 119BR is a very simple, but sophisticated knife that are ideal for multiple tasks such as hunting and hiking. It has a bowie-style knife blade which might not be strong enough for cutting steel or combat purposes.

The solid black grip handle will provide comfortable grip and fit naturally well within the hand. The sheath will help to keep the knife protected while you’re moving. This small fixed blade knives has small blades, but sharp enough to cut a rope or other objects. It has a simple and corrosion resistance design. This is one of the good fixed blade knives for backpacking.

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4. Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife

Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife

Ka-Bar USMC is one of the fixed blade knives available in the market today. It has a ideal fixed blade edc that measures 7 inches long. This has a flat ground edge and can be easily re-sharped again. It’s a “Made In USA” Knife with high-quality standards even though the sheath is made in Mexico.

The 1095 cro-van steel blade makes it the perfect companion for fighting, survival and tactical situations as-well. The leather stack will provide comfortable grip even in slippery conditions. This knife is a total pack of punch for it’s affordable price. This may be not the fixed blade knives under 5 inches, but definitely worth giving a go.

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5. Gerber 31-000560 Warrant Knife

Gerber 31-000560 Warrant Knife

Gerber 31-000560 is one of the best fixed blade knife which has partially serrated edges. It’s a lightweight model with machined aluminum handle that provide solid and comfortable grip. You’ll also get a Camo Nylon Sheath to store the knife securely without causing injury or damage to yourself. It has a tanto point tacticle blade that is razor-sharp.

The blade steel is 7CR17MoV stainless steel which add sheer strength and durability make it a ideal small fixed blade knife. This unit is backed by a Lifetime Warranty as-well. We have reviewed Bear Grylls Paracord Knife, a popular fixed blade knife in a separate article.

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Final Thoughts

You have a lot of options to choose from when you look for a ideal fixed blade knives in the market today. There is always a perfect knife you, but it’s only a matter of finding the right the ideal small fixed blade knives for your requirements. You can use this exclusive guide to check-out recommendations, reviews and suggestions on fixed-blade knife models.

Make sure you follow the laws before buying a knife. This regulation Mostly Apply To The Size of The Blades. Now it’s your turn to buy the best fixed blade knives from our list. Go ahead and make your decision.

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