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CRKT-outburst-reviewWe warmly welcome you to crkt knives review to learn useful facts regarding crkt knives. CRKT refers to “Columbia River Knife & Tool“. They are one of the famous American Knife manufacturer based in Tualatin, Oregon. The company is well-known for designing a wide range of accessories, tools, series of knives though it’s primarily considered as knife maker.

Crkt knife analysis has a lot of innovative products under it’s brand name. The company is very proud with their “Purpose-Driven” Design which is mainly used in the creation of knives. Some of their tools can be customized for specific purpose which is good.

Columbia river knife & tool review brand always work closely with various knife designers to come up with innovative ideas. You can keep reading if interested in learning more stuffs about crkt knives reviews in the below paragraphs.

Discover Details About Crkt Knives Review Brand Owners

CRKT-VeffThe brand was found in 1994,in Oregon by Paul Gillespi and Rod Bremer who are former employees at Kerhshaw knives. One of the successful launch of CRKT brand is the model named K.I.S.S (Keep It Super Simple) which was launched in 1997. It was a folding, compact model designed by Ed Halligan, a popular knife designer.

This success created opportunities for Columbia River Knife & Tool to expand the business operation significantly. By the late 1990’s the company started to grow as one of the best in the business. They have been focusing on designing a wide range of models such as hunting, fishing, tactical, fixed-blade, survival and quite a few other one’s.

The popular designers worked with Crkt consist of industry legends such as Allen Elishewitz, Steven James, Ken Onion, Graham Brothers and many others. They also well-known for crkt combat knife.

You can feel free to check-out the below interactive comparison chart provided to know about different Crkt models. You can directly read the review of a specific product or buy it directly on Amazon. The choice is yours and feel free to contact us if you have any doubts.

Columbia River Knife and Tool M16-10KZ 3-Inch Black Folding Knife

Columbia River Knife and Tool's M16-14SFG Special Forces Folding Knife

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