Case Knives Review


Case Knives Review – Case company generally known as “Case XX“, owned by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. It has been designing some of the finest hand-crafted knives in fine quality around the US for over a century. Their case knife models are respected highly amongst the professional collectors and knife enthusiast throughout the worldwide.

What’s So Special About Case Knives Review & Their History

The Design

The attractive design, excellent craftsmanship and elegance add a touch of perfection to their products. Their main focus is to design for hunting, sporting and collectible knives that can be used for a long period of time.

Case brand is well-known for manufacturing professional-grade case lock blade knife. It’s considered as one of the truest source of American knife company.

Company History

The company itself was established in the year 1889 as soon after the four Case brothers started to design knives for sale. This brand began to sell knives for military during the World War I. This was the turning point of the case company. In the recent time case was bought by Zippo Manufacturing Company, who are based in Bradford, PA.

However, no significant changes occurred the past manufacturing structure though the ownership changed. Fortunately, this was a very good news for everyone who already bought one of the case knife out there in the market.

Efforts Involved To Make a Single Knife

Each and every case knife goes through 100 employees before being produced. It involves in 160 steps to create a single knife that’s high-quality and durable. You’ll be able to see a special mark on the blade which mention the production date and the identity of knife.

This is the greatest feature that every die-heart knife collector, hobbyist and experts like very much. The most popular case knives review models include Stockman, Peanut, Trapper and Copperhead.


Durability & Strength of Case Blades

All of the case knives are made out of U.S Steel to increase the strength and durability to an extend. You may also read the case hunting knives review while browsing this site. They use a wide range of hand materials such as buffalo horn, cattle bone, precious stones and even mother-of-pearl. This shows how much effort is put into each and every knife model that is manufactured.

Conclusion on Case Knives Review

Overall, it’s one of the go-to-choice if you’re looking to buy a ideal fixed blade knife that will worth your investment. There is no hesitation in recommending this one for everyone including collectors. It’s one of the finest brand over a century of experience. It’s difficult-to-match hand craft work make it one of the best in knife business.

You may feel free to check-out the below case knives review for more information. If you’re finding it very difficult to pick a particular case knife then straightaway use the chart provided below. This can help you for easy decision-making.

Case Cutlery 042 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife
Case Cutlery 161 Case Trapper Pocket Knife
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