Best Swiss Army Knife – Choosing The Best Models

Best Swiss Army Knife: Most of the people use top-rated swiss army knife for edc purposes. It’s one of the useful tools that can be carried around with you. Some people just like to carry it just for the look, but a well-made Swiss Army Knife is useful in various situations.

There are hundreds of best swiss army knife which are available in different Sizes, ColorsPrices and Combination of Features.


ou might might it overwhelming or difficult to settle with a best swiss army knife brand due to lack of knowledge. A little information on the history of best swiss army knife will help you to buy the best model out there in the market today. For beginners, it’s important to realize that there are only two truly authentic  Swiss Army Knife Models which are known as “Wenger & Victorinox“.

Victorinox  is a popular knife brand that’s created by expert knife maker named Karl Elsener. He was responsible for massive army knife order placed by the Swiss government in the year 1891. However, several others also helped to full-fill the order though the Elsener utlived the others. The best swiss army knife alternative to popular knife manufacturer, Wenger. These both are dual-brand government endorsement.

Remember, only these two are official Swiss Army Knives. If you want to buy the best swiss army knife for travel it should either from any of these names (Wenger or Victorinox). Note: Victorinox actually owns Wenger now, but they maintain separate production facilities.

Common Tools Found In a Best Swiss Army Knife For Camping
Saw, Blades, Screwdriver, Scissors, Toothpick, Hook, File, Pliers, Corkscrew, Tweezers, Keyring, Bottle Opener

The Benefits of a Owning a Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife is considered as one of the best Every-Day-Carry (EDC) Multi-Tool. It’s  becoming strong and useful tools in the current market. Each model is designed to serve for a wide variety of purposes. In the recent times, best swiss army knife have integrated higher tech components such as LED Flashlights, USB Drives, Digital Clock and so on.

Most of the Swiss Army knives are identified by it’s classic red color, but still you have a lot of colors from which to choose from. Most of the best swiss army knife for camping have a aluminum oxide (alox) handle which is ideal for outdoorsmen.

Most of the Swiss Army Knives are fairly low-priced and provide 100% expectational performance. They offer difficult-to-match features which you cannot find in a ordinary pocket knife. This models can provide exceptional value for your investment.

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1. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket KnifeIt’s official Swiss Army Knife that each and every household should not be without one. This is the ideal gift for Boy Scouts and junior outdoors-man. Wit this Classic SD Pocket Knife, you’ll get access to tools such as file with screwdriver, main blade, scissors, tweezers and toothpick.

This is a Ideal Swiss Army Knife that comes in a wide variety of designs and colors. You can’t go wrong this classic model because it has over 3700+ positive reviews on Amazon and still counting. It’s also considered as one of the finest swiss army knife for key chain.

These are relatively low priced and includes a key ring. This is a perfect pocket-size model which should leave home with yours!


2. Victorinox Champion Plus Knife

Victorinox Champion Plus KnifeVictorinox Champion is a best swiss army knife for edc purposes. This is the perfect knife for all-round use. Champion is a top-notch, yet classic model which is one of the best swiss army knife for fishing as-well. These normally contain 30 stainless-steel tools 60-plus individual parts integrated in one tool.

You’ll get access to some of the basic tools such as magnifying glass, wood saw, corkscrew, screw driver, ball point pen, Scissor and so on.

This is very similar to larger Swiss Champ model, but excludes the pliers. It’s undoubtedly one of the top swiss army knife for travel.


3. Victorinox Swiss Army Climber II Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Climber II Pocket KnifeVictorinox Swiss Army Climber II is one of the popular knives in the current market. It’s a Switzerland-Made best swiss army knife with finest craftsmanship. It measures 3.58 inches when closed and weigh about 3.55 ounces.

These feature useful accessories such as two screwdrivers, small, large blade, corkscrew, can openers, bottle openers and a lot more.

Climber II features more than 10 useful tools and backed by a lifetime warranty as-well. The material used in the blade is Stainless Steel. This available in super-compact size that is portable enough to carry around with you.

The handle is made up of nylon material that can provide comfortable grip when in use. This is one of the best swiss army knife.


Our Verdict

We hope you have enjoyed this review on different Swiss Army Knives. Victorinox is one of the oldest and well-recognized knife company that’s still operating successfully. Most of their products are low-priced, but never compromise on quality whatsoever. You can buy a best swiss army knife without any hesitation straightaway just for it’s design and benefits.

Most of the homes in USA has at-least a Swiss Army Knife always. This explain the importance of having one with you as-well. Don’t hesitate and make the right decision!

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