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Selecting the best edc knife can be a overwhelming and confusing task if you’re new to this market. EDC is the abbreviation of “Every Day Carry” that has become quite popular in these days. You often came across this word while searching for the best edc knives. It refers to the item that one carries every single day which is small and lightweight.

Explaining The Meaning of “EDC” Term

EDC knives plays a important role in human life. You have may have a gun, but the like-hood of using it is really low and comes with a lot of restricted laws. However, when it comes to best everyday carry knife you can carry it every single day. There are wide range of manufacturers producing high-end best edc knife in the market today. Some of the popular brands include Kershaw, Benchmade, Schrade and so on.

best edc knife

However, some people may live in localities where they cannot carry a larger knife. Check-out the knife laws to make sure whether you comply with legislation. Fortunately, most of the best edc knives are shorter in length. This comes really handy in day-to-day life to perform various functions such as opening a box, cutting a rope, forming a fire, creating a shelter and so on.

There are no real reason why you shouldn’t carry one. Keep reading this best edc knife guide for more information. Check-out the meaning given for “EDC” term by Wikipedia Page.

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Important Considerations To Be Made When Buying a Best EDC Knife

A knife should satisfy the minimum criteria to be called as “Best Everyday Carry Knife”. You should look for some basic characteristics when buying a best edc knife to make sure it’s not a cheap imitation. Obviously, you don’t want to buy a kitchen knife and use it for carrying around and doing day-to-day tasks. The best everyday carry knife should be made of strong high quality stainless steel and durable.

  • A Best EDC Knife Should Be Lightweight & Easy To Carry: Keep the fact that you need to carry it on daily basis in mind so it shouldn’t be heavy. It’s very easy and practical to use if the knife doesn’t weigh much. However, heavier and bigger knives can be more comfortable and easily fit in your palms. The material used in the best edc knives determine the weight of the model. Best edc knife steel also determine this consideration.
  • A High-Quality EDC Knife Must Be Absolutely Safe To Carry Around With You: It should feature fine opening, closing and folding mechanisms that are secure for the user. You may have to consider about getting a high-end sheath if you’re looking to buy a fixed blade knife. A knife that isn’t solid and strong is obviously dangerous.
  • The Handle Should Provide Non-Slippery, Comfortable and Solid Grip When In Use: You’ll really get frustrated if you use a knife that slips from your hand rather quickly end up in negative consequences. Selecting a knife with bigger and textured handle is highly recommended. Avoid buying knife with low-quality handle materials such as plastic or other similar one’s.
  • It Should Be Corrosion Resistance and Doesn’t Get Rust. You should try to avoid low-quality cheap blades which can be easily get rusted or corroded after simultaneous usage. This may lead to folding mechanism malfunction which isn’t safe. Always go for higher-quality one’s such as VG-10, S30V and 8CR13MOV best edc knife steel types. You can find-out other important steel types in (Wikipedia – Blade Materials Page).
  • Make Sure It Has a Clip and Looks Beautiful: Make sure the best everyday carry knife you select comes with a pocket clip for carrying. The popular clip is 4-Way Pocket Clip which comes with many popular EDC knives. It’s a must in the knife. You might feel very shame when you buy the most expensive knife, but doesn’t have a good look or design. So choose one that looks nice and very functional as-well.


Top 3 Reviews of Best Edc Knives – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

There are so many best edc knife 2014 available in the market today. However, with so many options to choose from you can easily get confused. You might be not able to settle with a particular knife without knowing much information regarding the particular knife. This tend to happen especially for first-time knife buyer.

Fortunately, we provided the top best edc knife 2014 reviews in the upcoming paragraphs. You can read the reviews of top models for easy decision-making. You don’t have to break the bank to buy a high-quality EDC Knife. Go ahead and check-out our recommendations below.

Kershaw 1555TI Cryo SpeedSafe Folding Knife

Kershaw 1555TI Cryo SpeedSafe Folding Knife

Kershaw 1555TI is one of the best edc knife under 50. The titanium carbo-nitrade coating with 8Cr13MoV Steel construction make it a perfect EDC knife to carry around. The handle is also made out of 8Cr13MoV material which provide solid, non-slippery and comfortable grip.

Cryo features a tip up or tip down pocket for easy carry. It has a excellent speed safe and flipper opening and locking mechanism for increases safety.

This knife has a Classic Rick Hinderer design which has a built-in Flipper or thumbstud. It’s made from state-of-the-art materials that are dedicated to high-quality and better performance. Overall, it satisfy all qualities to be considered as one of the best edc knives out there in the market today.

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Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife


This is considered as one of the best edc knife under 75 dollars. Spyderco is one of the well-recognized industry leader in knife market. The handle feature G-10 which provide solid and comfortable grip and fit easily within your palm. The blade used in the knife is “8CR13MOV” which is superior. You can check-out our knife steel types guides for more information about different steel types.

The length of the blade is 3 3/8″ (86mm) and weight is about 4oz (115g). It’s a all-worthy best everyday carry knife which feature skeletonized steel liners for increased strength and durability. It also comes with 4-Way Pocket Clip.

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Boker Plus Credit Card Knife

Boker Plus Credit Card Knife

This is considered as one of the best edc knife under 30. This is a credit card knife series from Boker brand. It’s compact, small, lightweight, easy to carry around and has unique design.

It can easily fit into credit card compartment of your wallet. The removable pocket clip add a touch of perfection. This can be also worn in shirt pocket as-well. You can read the Boker Knives Review as-well.

It also consist of ball chain for neck carry. The 440C stainless steel blade with titanium liner make it a perfect and best edc knife. It’s extremely lightweight and has a sturdy frame construction. The overall length is 5 inches with a closed length of 2 3/4 inches.

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A Few Final Words of Advice

Overall, we hope you enjoyed this best edc knives article and learned something useful. However, there are lot of unlisted EDC knife models in this article. The reason is that we only want to review the best and trust-worthy models in the market today. This doesn’t mean that you have to only purchase any of the one that we reviewed.

If you’re not interested in these best edc knife under 200 then click the button below to check all other unmentioned EDC Knives directly on Amazon. This can provide you more choices to choose from. Thanks in advance for checking-out this article!

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