Becker Knives Review

Hi, Our readers and a warm welcome to this Becker Knives Review article. You should be able to discover all information regarding Becker knives in this guide. Their slogan is “Knives That Work For A Living“. Becker Knives are produced, designed by Ethan Becker & manufactured by Ka-Bar Knives, Inc.


These were previously designed by Blackjack Knives and most recently by Camillus Knife. Their series of knives can be referred as “Ka-Bar Becker Knives” which feature traditional and modern designs. These are some useful facts regarding becker knives review.

Becker Knives Review – About The Founder

EthanBeckerThe Becker Knife & Tool Company is one of the leading survival knife manufacturer since 1980. Ethan Becker, the founder and chief designer almost spend about 25 years to establish this brand into the market successfully. This might be one of the very interesting fact regarding becker knife review.

He developed the most popular edged tool named “Machax“. He didn’t rest after designing this model, but continued to develop various models.

Most of these become massive hit in the market. His inventions help to invent all new generation of becker knives. Currently becker knives analysis brand is teamed up with Ka-Bar Knives to create better one’s.

Why Should You Buy a Becker Knife?

They always stay up-to-date on technology, design and materials to make sure quality is never a concern if you buy a becker knife out there in the market. This brand has grown significantly with the help of KA-BAR manufacturing abilities. This is a should-read becker knives study if you’re interested becker knife models.

You can check-out the below becker knives review comparison table for more information regarding different models. This allow you for easy decision-making. Feel free to browse around and make use of interactive chart below. Thanks in advance for checking-out this page.

Our Reviewed Models on This Brand

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